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  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Identity Theft?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Identity Theft?

    26 March 2020

    Safeguarding your identity with homeowners insurance.

      Identity theft is no joke. It’s a crime that can quickly ruin someone’s.

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  • Common Springtime Pet Dangers to Be Aware Of

    Common Springtime Pet Dangers to Be Aware Of

    9 April 2020

    Hazards to look out for this spring.

      The bright and sunny days of spring are ahead! Like most pet owners,.

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  • Inspiring Quotes to Celebrate Women’s History Month

    Inspiring Quotes to Celebrate Women’s History Month

    19 March 2020

    In honor of Women’s History Month, get inspired with these quotes.

      Most of us have a favorite quote that we.

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“I wanted to take the time out of my workday to say a few special words about Valerie. In today’s times, there is more bad news it seems than good. However, when it’s good you don't hear about the GOOD. I am a true believer of telling the good news and bad. I want to tell you, Ms. Valerie from day one has been extraordinary and very polite to me with my auto insurance policies. I made the mistake of getting a car I could not keep due to repair costs and opted to get a newer vehicle. In the midst, I was making calls and sending emails to Valerie for quotes, and she was always willing to assist me. She continued to work on this for me without hesitation or questions asked, just helpful. Throughout the process, she remained steadfast, polite and willing even when having to deal with unexpected issues. Again, I am impressed with the service she provided! This experience could not have gone any better for me and I want to say I appreciate Ms. Valerie for the GREAT EXPERIENCE & the job well done regarding a major purchase; of which I will forever speak about and most of all, be proud of. Especially, because all the people involved with this purchase were just like Valerie, a sheer PLEASURE.
Peace and all the best,
Lynette Robinson-Johnson
Proud Customer of Abbate Insurance”

Lynette Robinson-Johnson

“Please let Mary know that I came to your agency after being introduced to the good work she and others do with Linens of Love. I came by your office to donate to the program and met so many nice people. I knew right then that I wanted to do business with Abbate!”

Christina W

Thank you again for your assistance and expertise.
Thank Les as well for me.
I've been very impressed with your agency