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Over the past quarter-century, Abbate Insurance Associates has grown to a staff of twelve professionals; each dedicated to working closely with our clients, to understanding their needs, and to providing for their protection and peace of mind.  As a benefit of our growth, we continue to gain greater flexibility and diversity in the coverages we can offer our clients.  Our greater influence with the companies we represent enables us to provide more coverage options at competitive prices.

We are members of the Renaissance Alliance and Associated Risk Managers International (ARM) agency coalitions, which significantly broadens the portfolio of products and services we can provide to our clients.  Through this membership we have ready access to a large array of whole­sale insurance programs, surplus and excess lines and rein­surance brokerage capabilities, property/casualty claims administration, benefit claims administra­tion and an extensive network of brokers and consultants in more than 100 countries world­wide.


Our ongoing commitment to providing our staff with state-of-the-art information technology enables us to serve you with the responsiveness you deserve, but without sacrificing the direct human contact you value and we respect.  We continually explore and expand our automation capabilities and require our personnel to pursue educational and training opportunities – all with the welfare of our clients in mind.  This combination of technolo­gy and prepared staff enables us to interface effi­ciently and effectively with the companies we represent in order to offer clients rapid responses and accurate information on available coverages, terms and options.


On the occasion of our founding in 1975 by Pat Abbate a commitment to excellence and high quality service for each and every client was established. Abbate Insurance Associates has embraced and honored that commitment ever since. Today, under the leadership of Mary Pursell, the agency continues as an acknowledged leader in the industry by those individuals and organizations it proudly serves and the carefully selected insurance companies it represents.

At the Abbate Insurance Agency, each client is served by a customer service representative who is responsible for the account.  The representative is trained and qualified to handle all questions pertaining to the processing of your account.  And, as insurance professionals, we periodically review your account and keep you informed of new developments in the industry.

So, whether you’re a large multi-dimensional organization, a small business, or an individual, you can rely on Abbate Insurance Associates to address your needs — personally, professionally, efficiently, and courteously — and always with your interest first.

That’s how we’ve done it for over 35 years – and that’s how we’ll continue to do it.

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